VIETNAM: FAST FORWARD is an award-winning documentary that explores the human element behind Vietnam’s resurgence as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

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Film Festival Awards

Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature
at the 17th Annual Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival.

Winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Documentary
at the 9th Annual Borrego Springs Film Festival.

Audience Reviews

“WOW! Be prepared to be inspired, educated, and entertained all at the same time! This documentary goes beyond the ‘typical,’ and shares how the Vietnamese culture has risen above and beyond the war, to where the possibilities of the future is happening now.”

“Vietnam: Fast Forward is an inspiring look into the entrepreneurial spirit of the Vietnamese people. As the child of a Vietnam vet, I was also heartened to see a country that appears to have healed to a great degree from years of devastatingly destructive conflict.”

“I love learning about other cultures and places in the world. I’ve never had a good laugh and felt so good about watching a documentary so much as this one. Definitely check it out. I never knew how beautiful and interesting Vietnam was. Will visit here one day.”

Critic Reviews

“It’s a high-spirited film about the strength of absolute hope.”

Federico Furzan, Movie Blogger [Full Review]

“There are some fascinating facts here, and snapshots of a country in constant, rapid change.”

Stephen Whitty, Film Racket [Full Review]

“The documentary is a love story postcard about Vietnam. You will love the people, the country, and plan a visit there as soon as you can.”

Michael Szymanski, Medium [Full Review]

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Meet the Participants

Chef Tan
Founder, HCM Cooking School. An organic farm cooking school teaching Vietnamese cuisine to visitors and professional chefs.
Huong Dang

Founder and CEO, HopeBox. Work-based therapy to empower women who have experienced gender based violence.

Hung Nguyen and Hai Yen

Founders, Hien Minh Tea House. A tea house in Hanoi protecting, nurturing and processing high quality Vietnamese ancient tea trees.

Van Dang

Founder and CEO, Savvycom. A global software outsourcing company based in Hanoi, with deep roots in Vietnam.

Thu Nguyen

Founder and CEO, Onetrip. A travel company offering homes and local adventures throughout Vietnam.

Rolan Colieng

Coffee Farmer, K’Ho Coffee. A cooperative of K’Ho families sustainably grooming high-quality arabica coffee in Dalat.

Le Quang Minh

Founder, Acoustic bar. A live music venue in Ho Chi Minh City that shares music culture through many different styles of performance.

Meet the Filmmakers

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